Favorite authors #1

Thought I’d post a few of my favorite children’s authors.  I grew up reading Mother Goose so I an affinity for rhyme.  Also, these authors are also the illustrators, double talented…

Nancy Shaw- Sheep series, Sheep in a Jeep; Sheep out to Eat… these are clever, rollicking rhyme stories with colorful illustrations.

Sandra Boynton board books, she’s prolific.  Cute, cute, cute.  Witty stories from Horns to Toes, Going to Bed, But Not the Elephant and tons more. With lovable animal illustrations.

Iza Trapani illustrates a re-telling of children’s classics i.e. Twinkle Star, Little Teapot…

John Butler, While You Were Sleeping, a darling bedtime story and sweet illustrations, to read again and again.  


About angiew.littleredhen

The Little Red Hen is an old folk tale which offers a moralistic tale of the importance of industry and hard work and the shame as well as consequences of laziness. A favorite story of my youth and a simple guide in adulthood.
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